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  1. Greetings.
    I have tried some subtitle programs like Aegisub and Subtitle Edit. I have saved and exported the subtitles to different types like .ssa, .ass, .srt, .sub. However while it looks fine in the subtitle programs, my Swedish characters ", , " looks all messed up when opening them in Subtitle Workshop, DVDLabPro or Virtualdub (with the Vobsub addon). When I open the subtitle files in notepad and save them as a new file (with the subtitle type file ending, not .txt) I see the coding setting is set to "UTF-8", not Unicode, even though I have changed the setting to Unicode while exporting the subtitle files.

    When I change this coding setting in notepad to Ansi and save as a subtitle file ending then it displays properly in the programs mentioned above. But when I open this newly saved subtitle file in Aegisub or Subtitle Edit and save or export it to another new subtitle file, then the characters look all messed up again...

    Could it be some setting or .dll-file missing?
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  2. Basically you have to decide wether to go for ANSI or Unicode (UTF) encoding. If you save subs from Subtitle Edit (SE) using 1252 as Encoding they will show up properly in Subtitle Workshop (SW). If you import them again to SE after perhaps using them in SW SE will automatically choose 1252 as Encoding.
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  3. Not sure if I really understood the 1252 encoding, what is that and how would I do to make a 1252 encoding?
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  4. For SE. For Notepad select ANSI as encoding in bottom of save window.
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    Most subtitle programs are written by native English speakers and in general (there are exceptions though) support for anything outside of the Latin alphabet as English uses it (no accent marks or diacriticals) is poor to non-existent. Sometimes to get subtitle programs to work correctly with other alphabets or the Latin alphabet plus diacriticals you have to go into Windows and under the Region and Language section say for non-Unicode programs to use a specific code page that your language is in. This can fix the subtitle issue, but it may also impact other programs in a way that you may not like. This kind of change is very dangerous for people to use if they can't actually read the language they change this setting to and it's not recommended by me in such cases. People who make this change to a language they cannot read may find that they can't change it back because they can't read enough to go back and undo the change.

    If your plan is to mostly use these subtitles for playback on media streamers or DVD or BluRay players, you may need to use a specific code page like 1252 rather than Unicode. If you're playing on a PC then Unicode should be OK.
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