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  1. Some Youtube videos such as :
    have an icon that you can click to display subtitles. However, when I capture the video (with something like Freemake or Foxfire Download Helper) there are no subtitles in the captured video. My question is: Other than using screen capture, is there a way to capture the video with the subtitles, or at least a way to extract the subtitles to text format?
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  2. Ok, I found one way to extract the subtitles (closed captions) to srt. Go to:
    and download and install (just drag the xpi install file into Firefox window) this addon called:
    YouTube Caption Downloader 2.3
    See screenshot 1, red circle.
    In my case it downloaded the subtitles to srt file. This srt file can be put in the same folder as the downloaded video
    (I used Firefox Download Helper to download the video), and then the downloaded video will play with subtitles.
    Important notes:
    1) for some reason you have to delete the s in the https:// url.
    So in this case, you need to go to:
    instead of:
    2) although the downloaded srt file works fine with the downloaded video, the srt file is difficult to read in notepad form. (See screenshot 2) Inputing the srt file into Subtitle Workshop and then saving puts the srt file into a standard form.
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