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  1. Hi My Grandfather asked me if i can put all the dvds that he bought in the past on a usb stick so he doesn't have to go through them all
    to find the movie he wants to watch so i'm using dvdfab and I've put the movies on my desktop and they play fine but when i transfer them to the usb stick mediaplayer won't play them back the files are in mp4 format

    thank you
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    Originally Posted by jacob2014 View Post
    I transfer them to the usb stick mediaplayer won't play them back the files are in mp4 format
    Only mp4?
    follow different boosters usb, spyware / interception, antivirus.
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    Convert to a format that the mediaplayer supports then.

    If you want more help please give more information about the mediaplayer.
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  4. hi
    i was trying to play it via windows media player

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  5. 'when i transfer them to the usb stick mediaplayer won't play them back the files are in mp4 format'

    Baldrick means that hardware media player.
    Try converting your files to AVI (Xvid). Most players handle those. Some players require they are under 2 gb file size
    If Windows MediaPlayer is the the one your grandpa uses on a computer try another player such as the portable version
    All the necessary codecs are built in and don't have to be installed
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    .Mp4 is just a container. Were you converting to h.264 format? Windows media player may not support that. It's been years since I used that piece of crud.

    Try vlc, or as above convert to xvid.
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    Why are you converting DVD to mp4 format? Are you just changing the container to mp4, or re-encoding the DVD to something else? We can think of a great many ways to royally screw up DVD originals (one of which is apparently what you're trying to do), but why does grandpa have to have the files on a USB stick? You're putting all the DVD's on a USB stick? Ever heard of a USB hard drive? That's a lot cheaper than a bunch of sticks. The computer doesn't have a DVD drive for playing DVD's?

    In other words, you're not giving us enough information.
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  8. I had similar/same problem. I had usb formatted with unknown way with FAT32. I copied "good playing" MP4 file from desktop to USB drive, it stopped working. I also tried copying back from usb to the same desktop that I copied from. It didn't work on desktop. I tried VLC, Windows Media Player and 5-6 others. Error was "file is not recognized". I initially thought its a codec problem. But, it wasn't. The size of MP4 was 1 MB. So, not big.
    The issue was with the way USB was formatted. I re-formatted usb with FAT32. No issues since then.
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