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  1. I got a surveillance camera with motion sensors, the camera recored movement on a courtyard. So very movement is detected does the camera record a short video sequence. The problem is that the motion detector isn't that good so it might trigger from grass moving in a strong wind, which cause the camera to record quite a few unneeded clips. Therefor I would like someway to detect if there are any major changes in the video sequence, such as a human moving across the courtyard. Basically to filter out all the unneeded clips, the background is more or less static since the only difference is lightning condition.
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    There are avisynth scripts you can use . It's a scripting language that is very useful for manipulation for various audio/video tasks e.g.

    If you have specific requirements (e.g. maybe there are unique conditions for your camera), the author is very good for feedback and will probably customize the script for you . There is stupid a 5-day wait to register at doom9 so I would register now if you haven't already
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    Another possibility: in VirtualDub, goto the Options menu, choose Preferences, then adjust the scene change thresholds.
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