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  1. Hi

    I Have a USB capture card which is called Dazzle Digital Video Creator 90 (DVC90) which seem to work fine. It seem to be a older model since I cannot find any driver for Windows 7 and later. So I install it on my single core P4 - 2.8 Ghz machine. I plug an good old VHS into the capture card using an composite cable and plug the DVC90 device on my Windows XP machine on a USB port. The device is installed properly because when I press play on the VHS the video is being display properly on the computer. I use Windows Movie Maker to test it.

    Since the device is installed properly and the driver seem to work. I would like to get your recommendation on an actual capture software to put that video stream and put it in a video file. I would love to keep it in a mp4 format. I guess I could stay with Windows Movie Maker but I think I might get better result using another software.

    I read a lot of guide and post from the forum before posting this. I have try about 10 software now
    some of them are too heavy to run on a older machine, some of them I cannot make work at all, and other have sync issue or there is some weird line on the image. Is there such thing as a good, easy to use, light, working program. I can pay for it is they are not free but free is always nice.

    Thank you very much for your help
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  3. Yeah I know that Movie MAker is not a great software and this is the reason why I would prefer to find another software.
    But it's working when I try to capture at least.

    I try using Virtualdub but like you said I think it is for advanced user because I had a hard time to make it to work but when I did my test file have about 1 Gb for a 1 minute clip. I don't know which settings to change so the output file have a normal size.
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    The reason your file is so big is because you're using raw RGB format. You can still capture to this format and convert later, but it's not suggested for a number of reasons. (The VirtualDub site lists them if you're interested.)

    And, if you read all those guides, you'd see that most would say use VirtualDub - it is THE essential capture solution software for the past decade. Most would recommend it, like Sanlyn did in posting before.

    Try these settings with VirtualDub:

    File->Capture AVI
    File->Set Capture File (then name your file and save)->OK
    Device->(click on your device - HOPEFULLY it's there)
    Video->Video source->Video Composite
    Video->Compression->Huffyuv->OK (you can install it free, or you can install another lossless codec like UT or Lagarith)
    Video->Set custom format->720x480 YUY2->OK (or 720x576 if you're in a region that is PAL)

    I leave the Audio part up to you. You can capture with your device or through your sound card.

    I hope your capture device, the Dazzle, is supported among those features.

    Your final captured file will be big, but much smaller than 1GB/1min. It doesn't matter because you can always convert it to a compressed *.mp4 with a tool like x264, and a GUI like HandBrake later after you edit it.
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