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    I have a movie created in iPhone 5, iOS7.
    Unfortunately, while I'm trying to upload it into Premiere CS6. I receive an error message that there is no Audio or Video stream...

    It seems that I would need to convert it to other format, in order to upload it into Premiere.
    What is the suggested format and application for this?

    I would need a freeware application to extract the same ratio, frame rate and maximum quality (HD).

    I've tried to use VirtualDub, but it seems that this application does no support iPhone media.

    Please help.

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    Try remux to a mp4 with mymp4boxgui / mp4box , avidemux, ffmpeg, etc.
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    Premiere should have no problem with iphone movies (it's always worked for me.)

    Do you have quicktime installed? You may need it. Or the error message may be correct -- the file may be damaged.
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    Don't know for sure if this is an issue but is your Premiere a trial version?

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    Premiere Pro CS6 is only a 64bit program. OP's computer specs say Win7 32bit. ??
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