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  1. Hello.
    I am trying to figure out which subtitle editor to use to make a black or semi-black box appear around my subtitles to make them more visible.

    I am limited to use SRT, SUB, TTXT subtitles. The only way I made it work was to make an .ASS subtitle in Aegisub. I need the subtitles to be visible on my Samsung LCD-tv through USB-playback. Right now they only appear as white and when the picture behind the subs are too bright, then they are hard to see...
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  2. Unfortunately those subtitle formats doesn't support "black box" (SUB is a bit vague - but for Samsung I take it would either be MicroDVD or SubViewer).
    So I guess your option is to hardcode them.

    PS I'm not sure if Samsung supports it but for SRT you could try another color than white like

    00:00:16,030 --> 00:00:21,030
    <font color="#ffff00">Yellow.</font>
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  3. That's unfortunate. I dont think coloring would work either, as it would appear as too dark in dark scenes... But thanks for the idea anyway. How would I do to hardsub them? Using Mkv toolnix perhaps? Or maybe some filter in Virdub?
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  4. Most (if not all) encoders can hardcode subtitles. My personale favorite is MediaCoder that allows you to set the color of the "black" bar as well as transperancy. (There is nothing in MKV Toolnix that re-encode)

    But you migth reconsider coloring them. In Subtitle Edit you can mark all subtitles (Ctrl+A), rightclick -> Color in a minute or so and choosing Yellow I believe will give you a see-able subtitle. Hardcoding may take from 15 min to hours.
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