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    I burn recorded TV programmes from my computer (Win 8.1 64bit) to a BD-RE disc with Nero 2014. When I burn a single programme to the disc the disc plays perfectly on my computer and on the BW 500. When I record 2 programmes to the disc it works perfectly on the computer but when I try to play it on the BW 500 only the second programme will play even though I highlight the first programme and press Play the highlight moves to the second programme and starts playing that. Help please
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    Are you doing a multi-session burn? If you aren't familiar with the term, it means that you burn something to disc and then at some later time you burn something else to the disc. Hardware standalone devices are notorious for only seeing one session in a multi-session burn. Some only see the first session. Some only see the final session.

    If you're not doing a multi-session burn then you'll have to do a better job of describing what exactly you are doing. What format are these files you are burning? If you burn only the first "programme" to the disc, will it play? If not, there may be something in it that your player doesn't like.
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