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  1. I have a video that I got off of my iphone that was made by the Dish network app. I can watch videos off of my Hopper dvr on my phone anytime or I can choose the option to make a mobile video so I can watch the show when I'm not online. I used WinSCP to get into the directory of my phone and found the video file in my dish network app. The video has .mp4 for the file extension but no programs I have will play the file and even media info can seem to tell me anything about it.

    Here is the log from media info

    Complete name : C:\Users\***\Desktop\dish1892430326___46___1387517 340.mp4
    File size : 505 MiB

    Does anyone know what type of encryption is on this file and how about getting it off so I can watch it on my PC?
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    Nope. No method to decrypt it.

    Just buy dvd/blu-rays if you want to watch it on computers.
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    You might look for a website dedicated to Dish that has a forum and see what they say. I don't want to give you some kind of false hope that with absolute certainty it will ever be able to be decrypted, but you might see what the experts say. Usually this type of encryption can't be defeated, but a lot of people work on cracking things related to Dish Network so maybe one day someone will have some success.
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    Well even I came across such an encrypted file and found no success .. But you can still try. There must be some way out
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