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  1. If you go to:
    and click "Listen to complete show". I can hear the show on the computer no problem. However, if I use StreamTransport(v1.0.2.2171) I get the following error message ( see screenshot). I can only capture 28 bytes. I tried several times but keep getting the same error message.
    My question is: What free software can I use to capture the audio show, and why doesn't StreamTransport work?
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  2. My version of StreamTransport is v1.1.0.1. Works fine. Try updating.
    Two files show when the link is clicked. The first one is an advert, the second is the main feature file.
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  3. transporterfan,
    Can you reply with your version ( of StreamTransport attached (uploaded) ? That version doesn't seem to be in the Tools list. Also, when you install that version, how do you avoid any adware? Are you sure that your version will download second file ( I get the error message several seconds after the downloading begins.)
    EDIT: I uninstalled my present version of Stream Transport and I downloaded and installed Stream Transport v (1.87MB exe).
    This version is downloading Prairie Home Companion just fine. What I don't understand is that there were no dialogue boxes during the installation that mentioned any kind of adware. Lots of postings on the net about dialogue boxes concerning adware suggestions/options, but I saw none of this. So far, no evidence of adware installed on computer.
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  4. Your version is later than mine so I can't comment on the adware situation. Good that it worked for you.
    Not sure what the rules are for posting programs. Unless Baldrick agrees, not sure i can post it here
    ( made it into a portable for my own use ). Ask a mod, maybe?
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