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    My computer has 2 monitors that are connected via DVI-D cable (fewer pins that DVI-I cable, a bit cheaper) and both has been working great however when I checked for Blu-ray restriction, everything passes except for the main monitor. The main monitor is SOYO Topaz-s 24" LCD is not HDCP compliant.

    I've swapped the cable and switched the video port, the monitor won't be accepted by BD player. Is there anything I could do that isn't illegal (HDCO bypass or something) to get the monitor to work for full BD video benefit? Or did SOYO leave out something or what?
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    Rip the blu-rays with dvd-fab and play them from your hdd or buy another monitor thats hdcp compliant,soyuz made it it without hdcp compliancy.
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    It's probably why SOYO brand monitors are so cheap (I mean that in both the good and bad sense of the word).

    Encrypted (original Hollywood) Blu-rays will NOT work on that monitor, PERIOD, barring something drastic as you mentioned. Either decrypt them (while ripping) as mentioned by johns0, or use a valid monitor. Those are all your options.
    If you go with ripping, you can decide whether it will be 1:1 to backup disc or ISO, or to different container, or to convert (re-encoding) to different format altogether.

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