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    I've installed a new BD writer on my Dell, using the same connection of the previous one.
    Windows recognized the drive as show in the picture but I can't play nothing ofrom it.

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    After that I deleted in the registry the value of the upper/lower field without getting any results.

    Where am I wrong?

    Any advice could be appreciated!

    Thanks, Ciao
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    Try a bootable disc in the drive. Make certain that the computer is set up in the bios to boot from the optical drive first, not the hard drive.

    When you start up the computer in this fashion, the drive is operating outside of Windows, so you can test whether or not your drive is functioning at all.
    A bootable disc would be something like a Windows installation disc, a live Linux disc, or even a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD.

    If it boots into the contents of the optical disc, then you know the drive wasn't dead on arrival.

    There are other things to try, like the normally useless Microsoft Fixit Tool for optical drives. Or using a different cable or different SATA connection on the motherboard.
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    Hi Kerry,
    thank you very much for your reply.
    I've tried everythink and I've definitively realized that the unit does not work
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