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    Just had SprinRite 6.0 throw up a red screen and Division Overflow Error screen. First time I've seen this in all the years I've run been running Spinrite, but it seems to be a fairly common error with large (over 640GB) drives.

    Possible reasons are the FreeDos that is included in the ISO is at fault, or there is incompatibility with some BIOS. Possible solutions are running SpinRite under MS-DOS 6.X and changing the hard drive settings in your BIOS.

    I've run SpinRite 6.0 on a couple of 1TB drives previously without a problem. I just got this error on a 2TB Hitachi on a Dell GX280. I'm going to try the solutions listed above and will report on what happens.

    GRC is working on SpinRite 6.1 and hopefully that fixes the error.

    Edit: It's a GX740 not GX280
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    Still have the same error after trying the following:

    Boot with MS-DOS 6x (Win98 boot).
    Switched hard drive from Hitachi to WD (both 2TB)
    Changed system from the Dell to an Intel Board.

    I'm going to and switch the BIOS to Legacy IDE and ACHI (was set to Native IDE) for the SATA drive and will report results.

    *SIGH* Guess I'll have to wait until 6.1 hopefully fixes the problem. My apologies to anyone who used it on my recommendation and had the same error.
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