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    I have a splitter on my aerial, the tv in one room will work fine but not the tv in the second room but if I take the tv from the second room to the other room it works fine, I have changed coax cable, changed the splitter, tried to check aerial is correct position but just get the message no signal on the second tv, can anyone offer any help with this. both TV's have integrated digital, it's a fairly new digital aerial too.
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  2. Leave the TV's hooked up and switch the coax' around at the splitter. Did the working TV become the one in the second room? If so, the splitter is bad. Check that you're using the right kind of splitter, all inputs and outputs should be rated for a 50-900 MHz signal. Use a splitter with the minimum number of outputs, you need to connect 2 TV's don't get a 3, 4 or 5 port splitter, you are needlessly losing signal strength.
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    Can you provide some link for the type of splitter you are using ?

    This may be a 'passive' type so there is simply not enough signal power to split it.

    Another possibility is that the splitter was designed for analogue transmission so, again, lack of power available.

    So let us see the type of splitter before we can better advise of what, if any, you can use.
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