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  1. Hi I am new to POT player and so far i like it. I use it with SVP manager and I like it better than Media Player Classic, that's the main reason for switching to POT player.

    Now, I am annoyed to no end by that bar at the right side in fullscreen mode that open playlist. I never use that and I never need that at all. I always watch 1 episode of my tv shows and that's it and since I use subtitles playlist for me atleast is useless since i search for another subtitle after every episode if I watch few consecutively.

    I want that tiny bar on right side to disappear and by that I don't mean to minimize it so it doesn't open on hover, I want it completely gone!

    Thanks in advance, you guys are awesome!
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  2. I guess it's a skin issue as I have no such an issue with a built-in skin, not a default skin or something else.
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  3. It's on every skin I just tried. Here is an example of what am I talking about: do you see that arrow on the right side where it says " Open chat room/ list of broadcast/ playlist" that's what I want removed.
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  4. Push the playlist button and there may be a button to detach a playlist panel. Once detached, it'll not be appeared again. That's how I'm using now..
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