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  1. I have an .mkv file that contains a [h264 high L4.0, yuv420p, 1920x1080] video track and a [AAC 48000 Hz] stereo sound track. I trimmed it at the very beginning, removing a logo. I used MKVCutter. But when I launch the video, frames stutter at the beginning, and then speed up to make up for the delay (while audio is fine). It lasts only a second or so, later everything is fine. It doesn't happen anywhere else in the video, even around another trimmed parts. I have other .mkv videos that contain the same tracks, and the same logo at the beginning to trim, and the issue doesn't happen there. Is it a frame numbering issue or maybe faulty encoding (I re-encoded parts around the deleted segment because there was no key frame nearby)? How can I fix this?
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  2. wild guess: input is vfr
    other than that I would need a sample and a cut list which creates the broken output to get to the bottom of it.
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  3. The file is 800 MB, I would upload it but it's just too big.
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  4. What does mkvcutters log say?
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  5. I attached a log.
    Attached Files
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  6. Log doesn't show any problem.
    -> try:
    a. if updating mkvmerge, mkvinfo, mkvextract helps (they all are part of mkvtoolnix); simply replace the files in the MkvCutter folder with the new ones.
    b. if updating LSMASHSource helps; download latest L-SMASH-Works from here and replace the LSMASHSource.dll with the on in the one in the AviSynth folder.

    If that doesn't help, try the following:
    • open the file with mmg (part of mkvtoolnix)
    • drag&drop your file in it
    • set 'Global->Splitting->Split mode' to 'split after size' and enter 10M as size
    • hit 'Start muxing' and abort after the first few files were created.
    Now take the first file and try if you can reproduce the problem (it should contain the start where your problematic cut happened), if you can upload the file and your cutlist here so that I can try to reproduce the problem.

    Cu Selur
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  7. After replacement, MKVCutter is unable to load LSMASHSource.dll
    I tried both x64 and x86 versions, and with updated and unupdated mkvtoolnix but it never loaded.
    And after just updating mkvtoolnix (with unreplaced LSMASHSource.dll) is says "Resetting since mkv split did not create any split files" and no trimmed video was created.
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  8. Strange, works fine here -> uploaded an updated package to my google drive.
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  9. I just noticed that if I play this trimmed video in VLC, the video stops after a second and audio keeps going. In MPC-HC however it just stutters for 1 second and then continues normally, so MPC seems to have some built-in frame feeze recovery function. But I've seen people fix this issue somehow after reporting to them that .mkv I downloaded stutters just like that (not necessarily at the beginning of the video).
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  10. I know this thread is old but I still haven't resolved the issue.
    I've been cutting out the intro theme (which is between ~1min and 1,5 min of a 20 minute video) and end credits (which are obviously at the very end) with MKV Cutter in these episodes and everything seemed fine, but in the 6th episode I did this, the few last seconds (just before deleted credits) stutter no matter what video player I use, while audio is fine. So it seems to be a rare but existent and really annoying issue and I really don't know why it is like that. I would upload the video but it's 800 MB big...
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  11. Problem is without having the source and a cut list there really is no chance to tell where the problem is,..
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  12. I found this on mkv cutter site:
    It only properly supports progressive, constant frame rate H.264 content
    Could it be because frames I want to cut happen to be of different rate than the neighboring ones? How can I check that?
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  13. extracting the timecodes with mkvextract (there are a few GUIs for it out there) and look at the time codes.
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  14. Originally Posted by Freodon View Post
    I know this thread is old but I still haven't resolved the issue.
    Try to get a copy of AviUtl and perform the same cutting.
    Use [ to set the start of a section, ] to set the end of section, then Right Click->Delete selected area.
    Repeat the above process until all junks are cut.

    To encode back to mkv:
    File> Export with Plugin>Adv. x265Ex GUI>Video Compression> Select an x264 Profile near the top of the dialog.

    The AviUtl Extra Pack hosting here also use L-Smash Works for reading MKV.

    I suspected that there may be problems in the source file or some corrupted sectors on your HDD...
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