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    Hi to all!
    I have a film (Titanic) splitted in two DVDs: I converted them in mkv using Handbrake, then, I merged the two parts with MKVToolNix, but MKVToolNix inexplicably changes the colour of the subtitles of the second part, from white to orange.
    I really don't know why this odd behaviour, and I tend to think it's just a bug.

    Or anybody could suggest something I can try?

    Many thanks in advance!
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  2. The color of DVD subs is determined in the IFOs and not the BMPs. The subs are in what format? VobSubs (IDX/SUB)? If so, you can fix them before importing them into MKVMergeGUI using VobSub Configure as I don't see any way to also import the IFOs into MKVMergeGUI to get the correct colors. Maybe someone knows more about how to 'fix' the colors.
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    You can fix the colors with BDSup2Sub as long as they are in IDX/SUB,then you save them to sup(blu-ray) or IDX/SUB.
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