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  1. Has anyone managed to do mini-dv tape capturing using a mid2010 iMac (through the fw800) flawlessly?
    The issue im having is a strange one, one that i do not know if its either the FWs fault, the iMacs or the cameras (SonyTRV33)!
    Im capturing through the PremiereCS5pro capture dialogue box and without knowing or understanding why, the capture ends (2-3 times) forcing me to save multiple video files from my tapes footage!
    Any knowledge on why this happens or what can i do to fix it?
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    You either need fw400 > fw400 or (camera) fw400 > Thunderbolt. These are the only combinations that work.
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  3. fw400 > fw800 don't work right, huh?
    what symptoms does it have though, so i can be certain if its either the cameras fault or the ports!
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