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  1. This is my first post so I'm very sorry if this is not in the correct section.

    I'm having an issue. I have recorded "rtmp" as live video is streaming. When I go to watch the video i notice that the video freezes, however the time keeps running. Now the files were .flv files, however they have been converted to .avi files. So basically now I have a 300MB video that is 4 hours long. When it is actually a 100MB video that should run about 1:30 mins...

    Anyone know how I can remove (or drop) the frozen frames from the video? I need to do this in batch as I have about 100 video files that are like this. I dont care about sync of the sound (it's not important), but the video I would just like to remove the frozen frames from the video?

    Any thoughts on how to do this?

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    So you don't have the flv files?

    Have you tried open the video in an editor like avidemux. Is it 4 hours in the editor? does the video preview in the editor freezes.

    But I doub't you will find an easy method for this. Especially if the video freezes at random times.
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