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    companies sell 1-disc (per side), and 2 disc (per side) sleeves, but virtually none carry a ring binder of corresponding size (aprox. 11"x7"). I'm not looking for the huge 4-disc per side sleeves. My bookshelves are 12" tall, 9" deep, and I'd want the binders to hold about 100 discs each. Preferably zippered, but that seems unlikely. I have regular cd wallets that are fine if you have a finite collection (like an old TVshow), otherwise you have to re-arrange all the discs to insert any. I've seen some ring binders at univenture, unikeep, and c-line, but they dont hold enough to make it worthwhile. I dont want to use normal sized binders and cut them down. The best candidate I've seen is a tad too tall. Any ideas?
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    I don't think I fully understand what you are looking for, but these guys are my favorite source for storage stuff and maybe they can help you. Take a look and if not, well, you're no worse off.
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