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    I have a Video8 camcorder with a cassette stuck in it. The model is a Samsung VPL800U and I'm running it off the mains power. The eject mechanism seems to be working as when I press it the carriage moves up then pops out as it should but I can't retrieve the cassette. I can pull it up perhaps 4mm but no further. I don't think the cassette's tape is snagged as when I close the carriage it can still play/ff/rw the tape - but I don't have any experience with this type of thing so I could be wrong. Does anyone have any tips on how to get the cassette out?
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    After you've tried everything else, some cameras respond to a sharp whack on the bottom with the palm of your hand. Worth a shot as a last resort only.
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    I don't recommend that.

    If your tape were snagged but is at least CLOSE to being fully rewound, you could just snip the tape with some scissors and pull the cassette out and then repair the tape later (if necessary). I could walk you through this.

    However, if the cassette is stuck because of another reason (not in the correct housing slot, warped sides, gummy material, etc) clearly the above suggestions won't work and you should be taking it to a video transfer & repair shop.

    If it were me, I could dismantle the camcorder and remove the tape & rebuild it all, but I would never trust trying to guide someone else doing it. Sorry.

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