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  1. Guys need a new monitor with the following features:

    1. Minmum Resolution 1920x1080
    2.Minimum screen size 27inch...(30 or 32inch preffered)
    3. S-video or composite video input or component video input(must have one of these)
    4. Hdmi input
    5. Mhl support and usb port
    6. Composite/s-video output and headphone output

    Option 5 and 6 is not mandatory but good to have.

    Budget $700

    Will it be fine if i buy a tv and use it as monitor??

    Usage will be 8 hours daily and will be used for programming, watching videos/tv and surfing the web.

    All suggestions are welcome and will be appreciated.

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    If you want specific recommendations you had better provide the name of the country where the TV will be used. For various reasons, TV/monitors made for use in N. America won't be ideal for use elsewhere, and vice-versa.

    A small TV may work as a PC monitor if it has a VGA port, or an HDMI port that is designated for use as a PC connection. You probably won't find a current model TV with S-Video, and most small TVs are now designed such that the green port on their set of component video connections doubles as the composite video connection. MHL support and a headphone jack are unlikely to be available.
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  3. I live in india...standard here is pal. I don mind component input. It should have atleast one analog input

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