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    Recently I recorded an AVI file using fraps, I had to leave soon after and shut down my computer without watching it. The next day I tried to play it, but it all the media players I tried said that it either didn't support that file or that it couldn't play it. I noticed that the information for the file didn't list the length or any other info for that matter, but it did list the file size (171M KB), wihch is pretty big, considering the file I recorded was 20 minutes and it would only be about 16M KB. Anyone know anything about this?
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    Have you done other Fraps recordings with the same settings that were successful? What did you use to get information on the file? MediaInfo? If not, I would try it.

    It sounds like the file was corrupted as the storage device was shut down improperly. If so, there probably isn't much data remaining except the size info.

    But I haven't used Fraps for a while and others here may have some more useful information.

    And welcome to our forums.
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    Reinstall fraps in case the fraps codecs are not working,if that don't fix then the files are bad as redwudz suggested.
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