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    I'm looking for a quick way of editing metadata for a library of video files (mainly home videos) on a NAS. Basically I want a quick way to enter titles (and maybe other basic data) for a bunch of home-created mp4 files.

    I've tried Media File Manipulator but have found it to be very unstable (on Windows 7 x64) - and simply couldn't get it to even list all of the files in my video folders. I've also tried using the Windows Explorer properties screen but this hangs very frequently when I try to edit the video metadata, and is also a very slow way of editing the data for a large number of files.

    Can anyone recommend anything free or open source?
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    MetaX isn't freeware but it is very inexpensive ($9.95) and does a wealth of Meta data, even pulling cover pix if you wish.

    MetaX supports MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, MKV and WMV files.
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