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  1. Hello I've got a 1:11 long video, and it's 23.7GB. I recorded with Bandicam, and my settings are as shown:

    I'd really like to get the file size down to something a bit more manageable without sacrificing too much quality in the process, but the problem is I don't know how to do that.
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    You could try a simple freeware program like HandBrake or VidCoder to re-encode at a lower bitrate and reduce the size. Depends on what output format you want.

    And welcome to our forums.
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  4. Eh, for whatever reason when I tried logging in with my account it wouldn't work, and the email reset wouldn't work either... strange.

    Anyway I tried using VidCoder, and it failed. Here is the log.

    EDIT: Damn I'm dull sometimes, I just noticed the log said "MP4ERROR: File size exceeded 4 GB; output unplayable. Enable "Large file size" to fix it."
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    The current size is likely the result of the file being mpeg1.

    Convert the file to another format (codec) and the file size will be reduced. VidCoder should give you good results, but it may take a conversion or three to get the settings adjusted the way you want.
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    23.7GB for 1hr11min = ~45Mbps. Pretty high for a screen cap saved to h.264 (I doubt it was MPEG1, KK). Should be able to drop the bitrate by half or more without too much degradation (unless your cap was of action gameplay). The standard little-motion and limited palette with the nearly non-existent noise of PC screen caps should make for easy compressibility.

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  7. Should be no problem for Handbrake to reduce it to something smaller with keeping a reasonable quality.
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