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  1. Hi all.

    I am looking for a very specific program - I know it exists because I used it on my old PC, before the HDD failed.

    What is does is allow me to join video files in multiple folders. The structure was like this:

    -- Part_1
    ------ vid1
    ------ vid2
    ------ vid3
    ------ vid1
    -- Part_3
    ------ vid1
    ------ vid2


    Importantly, the program allowed me to drag and drop ENTIRE FOLDERS. What I would do was to CTRL/Shift-click all the 'Part_1', 'Part_2' folders and drag them into the program. It would then merge all the video files inside those folders - in order first by the normal sort order of the containing folders and then by the sort order of the videos.

    The resulting joined file ended up in the last folder selected (in the above list, it would be in the 'Part_3' folder.

    I can't say what other capabilities it had but it did work with WMV files and I believe it did not re-encode as one restriction was that all the video fles being joined had to be the same format and size (dimensions). It had a rather simple interface and was quite small - just drag the files into the top half and the bottom half showed what it was doing.

    I've downloaded dozens of joiners but just can't find it!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as it was EXACTLY what I need and I can't find another program that does the same thing - all the ones I have tried require me to open each folder and drag the files, rather than just dragging all the folders in together.

    I am pretty sure it was a free program but if not then the trial was full-featured and just time-limited as it allowed me to join hundreds of files, though they were small.

    Much appreciated,
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    asfbin is the only free wmv joiner I have used. But I don't think it can join multiple folders.
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    Handbrake supports drag and drop, batch mode where files span directories.
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  4. Thanks - appreciate the responses (sorry for the late reply - inet issues at home).

    Neither of these are the progam I am looking for - I've already checked them both. I've checked pretty much every download I can find!
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