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  1. Hey all

    Im trying to find a program that will let me add subtitles to mkv files without having to encode. I was using mkvmerge and loved it cause it would only take a couple of minutes to mux the srt file into the movie but for some reason it wont work on my new laptop. Handbrake wants to encode and takes way too long.

    any suggestions?? Thx
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    Have you tried the latest mkvmerge on your laptop and what problem were you getting?
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  3. Yes. I updated to the latest version. The problem is the sound cuts in and out. I know its not the files cause I tried it using older mkv files that I had previously used on mkvmerge without issues and it now does it to them as well. I also tried an older version I had and it does the same thing
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    XmediaRecode will allow you to add SRTs to MKVs without re-encoding video. Just check the video pass thru box.

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  5. Thx Tony. Will give it a try.

    Any other suggestions anyone?
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  6. Tony

    downloaded xmediarecode. Where abouts is video pass thru box you're talking about?
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