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  1. Hello.

    I have several mpg files, with soft-coded subtitles, and I want to combine the movie files into a DVD. The problem is that any DVD software I've tried doesn't include the subtitles when rendering the project. I've been trying to extract the subtitles, and then import them into GUIDVDauthor, but nothing has worked.

    I've tried CCExtractor, but the subtitles it creates cannot be read by any other software, not even VLC.
    I've tried yamb, but it doesn't seem to create any files.
    I've tried a few other programs, but they don't seem to support mpg files.

    Is there a way to solve this issue? Thanks.
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    Can you post a sample from ccextractor?
    Or post a short sample from the mpg?

    It could be dvd subtitles or dvb subtitles etc.
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    Projectx for dvb mpeg subtitle extraction.
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    You can also try Subtitle Edit, File -> Open (choose 'All files')
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  5. Thanks for the advice, everyone. ProjectX was able to extract the subtitles.
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