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    Please advise some software (paid or free) that can convert avi, wmv and mp4 files to the Mpeg-2 format.

    I would prefer one that doesn't hang up or crash and will do somewhat loss-less conversion.

    I plan to edit files and can't seem to find anything that can do that without inaccurate frame cuts (VirtualDub and Avidemux) or crashes / hangs up all the time (Solveigmm 4.0 and VideoRedo).

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    Smart rendering is certainly possible in Virtualdub with xvid/divx avi. I'm not sure of the status of smart rendering in H.264/AVC.

    To convert to mpeg-2, try HCenc directly, or AVStoDVD for DVD creation. Conversion to mpeg-2 is not "lossless".
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    I've never had VideoRedo hang up when cutting mpeg2. So my experience with the program is vastly different. But if you want another choice, take a look at TMPGEnc Smart Renderer 4, or Womble Mpeg Video Wizard DVD 5.

    I have no idea why you'd want to convert avi to mpeg2 and then edit.

    For conversion to mpeg2, try AVStoDVD. It can be set to output to a muxed mpeg2 file instead of DVD-video if you need that format. AVStoDVD will use the HCenc encoder or ffmpeg, depending on which you prefer. I'd advise using HCenc and two pass encode.
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  4. You're not going to get that much better accuracy cutting MPEG2 files; it might not be worth the trade off in quality. If you're serious about quality and accuracy you should look for an NLE like Vegas or Premiere or one of their consumer grade sub $100 offshoot.
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