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    Hi all,
    This maybe easy and I just haven't spotted the relevant area within Popcorn, but I was wondering - can I set Popcorn so that it will extract and convert an audio track(say FLAC to AC3) from an MV file, but not to remux it back with the video file?
    For my use, I need to mux again anyway.
    Thanks in advance. No biggie, but it would be handy if possible.
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    Are you referring to a MKV file? Popcorn Audio convert doesn't re-encode the video only the audio and puts the new audio within the original MKV container. I have found a way of doing it which is quicker than the Popcorn audio converter by extracting the original audio using MKVextractGUI (found in MKVToolkit) then using Pazera Free Audio Extractor to do the conversion from whatever to AC3 and then using MKVmergeGui to put the audio back with the video!!! Lots of steps I know but it works a lot quicker on my system, otherwise just use Popcorn audio converter and make a cup of coffee or feed the chooks!
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