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    It's impossible to find new boards. I was looking on ebay and Amazon for used boards and the prices are very high. Why are 1366 motherboards commanding such high prices? I have an I7-920DO in need of a motherboard.
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    well 5 years in they expect you to replace cpu and board. it's always been hard to find older boards after the socket has changed multiple times over the years.

    [edit] there are a couple new boards still available if you want to spend the cash on a server board.
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  3. Intel discontinued the socket in 2012, rest assured that all retailers would have liquidated their inventories by March 2013. Unlike AMD which always offered some level of backward (or is it forward) compatibility with each new socket, once Intel drops a socket that's it; there are too many changes in the architecture between sockets. Keep in mind that LGA1366 boards were used for Core i7 CPU's, the top end, highest price at the time, basic offer and demand market rules explain the high price; they've got you by the balls, you want it, pay for it.
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