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    Hi, folks!

    I'm just learning the ropes of Bluray authoring and I have a general question. I have a Bluray on my computer with 38GB size (Documentary) and I want to burn it on a BD25 BD-R Disc. But I want to keep the menu and the bonus material.

    It is self-explaining that I have to reduce size. So I decided to transcode the 3 Main streams in the Bluray STREAM folder (as shown in the picture below) to aproximately half of the size:

    My idea is to use the encoder program AVIDEMUX to transcode those 3 .m2ts files (Original video format: AVC / audio format: DTS) to half of the size while keeping the 1080p resolution and the audio streams unchanged.
    I also have tsmuxer and with this program I could first split the m2ts container files into the video stream and the two audi streams.

    So when I encode the AVC video stream of the original m2ts container file to half of the size and subsequently unite the new AVC stream with the original DTS streams in a new m2ts container, will my Bluray run when I replace the 3 old m2ts containers by the 3 new ones?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.
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    I don't think you can just replace m2ts files.

    But have you tried shrink it with bdrebuilder? It can keep everything.
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