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    There is a movie I got, where the audio specs read:

    Format: DTS
    Codec: A_DTS
    Bit rate: 755 Kbps
    Stream size: 655 MiB

    First I thought DTS standard was around 1500 Kbps for Blu ray. The movie is from 1993. Did the author that converted the movie scale it down to 755 Kbps or could the original be 755 Kbps?

    Secondly, when I look at Amazon's and IMDB's specification for this movie it doesn't say anything about DTS, it just lists Dolby and Dolby SR.
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    that is correct dts encoded but little lesser quality and it is in legal specification.
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    Originally Posted by nicoliani View Post
    First I thought DTS standard was around 1500 Kbps for Blu ray.
    Blu-Ray Video is not DVD-Video, and DTS can go as low as 192kbps for mono (1.0) sound. Maximum allowed bitrate still is 1509kbps though, regardless of the quantity of audio channels (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6).
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    755 is valid for DTS on DVD. In fact, my experience is that most (but not all) DVDs that use DTS actually use this bit rate. So it's certainly possible that a BluRay just used an existing DTS for DVD master.
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