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  1. Hello I tried many various players and i reinstal ym codecs but i have you isue. While iam recording by fraps the record file has very weird colors (sketchup is black > should be grey) i tried playid the file on the another computer and there it was normal i mean the recorded file was normal no black colors so where is the problem pls help
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    I changed your title so it better describes your topic.

    Have you tried playback with VLC? It uses it's own codecs, so that would rule out a codec problem with your installed codecs.
    It could also be a problem with your video card settings, but that is less likely.

    And welcome to our forums.
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  3. Thank you for your advice. So i tried VLC and it works!! but now i cant understand why other players have problems with plaing it while i just reinstal codecs and after that i restart my computer.
    My codec pack is Codec Pack All in 1
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    Some codec packs have a very bad reputation for messing up computers. The proper way to install codecs is to find which one you need and install only that one. Then they won't be likely to interfere with each other. You can use a program like MediaInfo to see what codec is needed for your video format, then install just that one.

    You may be able to uninstall your existing codec pack. That doesn't always work if it has caused damages. You can also use a codec tool like DirectShow Filter Manager if uninstalling the pack and installing the correct codec won't work. But it's not simple to use.
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  5. Hello.
    I just tried install codec which is using my video which have that wird colors and it didnt solve my problem. Could you give me some another advice?
    THank you.
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