I have been converting some home movies from VHS to a digital format. I have been using a 2000-era Quasar 4-Head VCR connected to my capture card via RCA composite connection. When I compare the original tape coming off a Sony Hi8 over S-Video to the archived VHS of the same tape, I see more resolution, better picture in the original Sony Hi8 tape...not surprised. I think some of this resolution difference might be due to S-Video vs. composite connection. Of course, I am using the original Hi8 source when I can, but I cannot do that in all cases. Is it worth buying a VCR that has S-Video output? Since S-Video did not exist when the VHS tapes were copied, they would have been copied via a RCA composite connection best case. Therefore, the video source that I have probably has poor resolution to start out with. Is it worth tracking down a better VCR on craigslist for the S-Video output?