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    I bought David Attenborough Life on Earth in BluRay but it will not play in my Sony BDP-S3100 BluRay player, everything else I have is fine including other Blurays from BBC.

    If I rip the episodes to my media player they play fine but they are big so I shrunk them with Handbrake but they will not play.

    On my computer they play fine in VLC but in WMP I get video but no sound.

    I was wondering if anyone knew why they won't play on my player and why I can't encode them.

    Below in the output from MediaTab:

    ===================== General =====================
    Id : 0 (0x0)
    Complete name : F:\toShrink\06 - Invasion Of The Land.m2ts
    Format : BDAV
    Format info : Blu-ray Video
    File size : 14.1 GB
    Duration (ms) : 55mn 1s
    OverallBitRate_Mode/String : Variable
    Total bitrate : 36.6 Mbps
    OverallBitRate_Maximum/Stri : 48.0 Mbps

    ===================== Video =====================
    Id : 4113 (0x1011)
    MenuID/String : 1 (0x1)
    Format : AVC
    Format info : Advanced Video Codec
    Format profile : High@L4.1
    Use of CABAC : Yes
    RefFrames : 4 frames
    Codec Id : 27
    Duration (ms) : 55mn 1s
    Bitrate mode : Variable
    Bitrate maximum : 39.0 Mbps
    Width : 1 920 pixels
    Height : 1 080 pixels
    Aspect ratio : 16:9
    Framerate : 25.000 fps
    Colorimetry : YUV
    Colos space : 4:2:0
    Bit depth : 8 bits
    Scan type : MBAFF

    ===================== Audio =====================
    Id : 4352 (0x1100)
    MenuID/String : 1 (0x1)
    Format : DTS
    Format info : Digital Theater Systems
    Format profile : MA / Core
    Format settings mode : 16
    Format_Settings_Endianness : Big
    Muxing mode : Stream extension
    Codec Id : 134
    Duration (ms) : 55mn 0s
    Bitrate mode : Variable
    Bitrate : Unknown / 1 509 Kbps
    Channel(s) : 2 channels
    ChannelPositions : Front: L R
    Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz
    Bit depth : 16 bits
    Compression_Mode/String : Lossless / Lossy

    ===================== Text =====================
    Id : 4608 (0x1200)
    MenuID/String : 1 (0x1)
    Format : PGS
    Codec Id : 144

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  2. You don't have a DirectShow DTS decoder.
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    And the handbrake output? mp4 or mkv? what video settings?
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    Take a look at your other BBC Blu-ray discs (the ones that work in your Sony player), and see if they also show up as 25fps and MBAFF scan type.
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    Thanks for the great replies and sorry for not giving enough info for the Handbrake conversion.
    I installed a DirectShow DTS decoder and I can shrink them now.
    The fps for one that works is different it's 23.976 and so is the scan type, it's Progressive.
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    Sony ntsc blu-ray players will not play pal blu-ray authored discs,just encode to mkv with handbrake and it will play pal mkv as long as you didn't use any weird encoding values.
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