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    Hi Everyone
    I am a complete knowledge 'Free Zone' as far as Ripping is concerned. Can someone please point me in the right direction so that I can do the following:
    1. Rip my Blu Ray collection,
    2. Keep only the English version and English sub titles,
    3. Copy ripped copies to a Pen Drive, and
    4. Play back on a TV which has a USB slot.
    Thanks in anticipation.
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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    DVDfab is easiest. It can both rip and convert to a format your tv supports like maybe mp4 or mkv.

    Another option would be to just rip with dvdfab decrypter or anydvd and then convert the ripped blu-ray to to mp4 with vidcoder or handbrake.

    You might have to hardcode the subtitles if your tv doesn't support switchable subs.

    But test/read first what formats your tv suppports. Like mp4 HD h264 video, mkv HD h264 video, etc.
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  3. My method (maybe not the fastest).

    AnyDVD HD running in the background doing the decrypting.
    HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Stream Extractor doing the ripping. It lets you select individual streams for ripping and rips those streams to individual files (video is ripped to an MKV). The audio can be converted during the ripping process if you so desire.
    Once it's ripped, the video can be re-encoded using a variety of encoding programs. I use MeGUI myself but it probably has more of a learning curve than other GUIs. Vidcoder and Handbrake are popular encoding programs and they're fairly easy to use.
    When the video conversion is done, I "mux" the encoded video and the extracted audio, subtitles and chapters into a single output file. If you're happy with MKV, MKVMergeGUI is a good choice for that.

    If you don't mind very large file sizes (sometimes 20GB or more), you can mux the extracted streams into a single MKV without converting the video. That way, there's no quality loss. You'd really be wanting to use a USB hard drive rather than a pen drive though. My TV will happily read all the files on a USB hard drive up to 2TB in size.

    If you want to keep the file sizes down, often resizing the video to 720p while re-encoding is a good idea. At a guess my 720p encodes, while keeping the original AC3 audio, probably average around 3GB. That's using a fairly high quality setting for video encoding. DTS audio would probably average 1GB to 1.5GB on it's own for most movies, whereas any AC3 audio would be around half that.

    The above probably sounds a bit daunting, but once you've done it a few times it's not. The step with the most variables is probably the actual re-encoding of the video and the one which will effect the final quality the most. And to a certain extent, whether your TV will play the encoded version. Whichever program you choose for that, you'll need to get to know it and you'll probably have questions regarding it's use.... for which you'll probably start another thread when the time comes.

    PS. I forgot to mention MakeMKV. While it's in beta, it's free, and I'm pretty sure it'll rip the contents of a Bluray disc (ie the movie) to a single MKV. I think you can select which streams to rip rather than rip everything.
    MakeMKV should give you a single MKV containing the original video and audio etc (no re-encoding) in a fairly easy way. No need for different programs for decrypting, extracting and muxing etc. Once it's finished, you can still use the MKV it creates as the source file for converting the video/audio to reduce the file size.
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    On the hdbrstreamextractor download page there are two files. Do we use both?
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    Hi Baldrick and hello_hello,
    Thank you both for answering so quickly and so detailed. I shall try all suggestions and see how I go. As stated previously, basically I am a Knowledge Free Zone in this area. The good thing about not having any knowledge is that no one need feel they may be Talking Down to me!
    Thanks Again
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  6. Originally Posted by TreeTops View Post
    On the hdbrstreamextractor download page there are two files. Do we use both?
    They seem to be two different versions, if we're looking at the same thing, so you wouldn't need both. The newer one would do.
    It's also built into MeGUI. You can find it under MeGUI's Tools menu.
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