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    Been testing with Sony SLV-N60 and JVC HR-S7500U. Bought the Sony new, years ago & has history of ejecting forcefully (think pop-up toaster), but hasn't damaged any tapes. Age may have changed this now. Bought the JVC recently & seems to work ok, but read this model has reputation of eating tapes. Testing has not shown one vcr to be superior to the other - just different. So I'm thinking right now that I'll capture my tapes on both and take pick of the litter per tape/scene/whatever.

    I'll probably need to run the tapes several times on each vcr, so I'm concerned about tape damage. My understanding is that it's best to repack once or twice before playing with a possible over-night or several hour rest period before the play. I would assume it's better to play the full tape without stopping & then rewind. Makes it awkward for trying out proc amp and vcr settings, but if the full play reduces risks, so be it. I've damaged a test tape by replaying a section a dozen times. Since the Sony seems to be a bit gentler with the tapes, plan to always use that to repack/rewind. Sound like a plan? Other preventative measures?

    Also have a broken vhs tape. Think it was just the leader that came unglued. Bought some tape repair tabs, but it's been an eternity since I spliced tape. Anything I need to remember other than mend on back side & make sure spliced tape is straight?
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    Don't listen to jman98. I removed that post.

    jman98: Keep your own odds for yourself. Just use the report link to report posts.
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