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  1. - solved - see post # 3.

    windows xp home sp2

    at times i run into this problem and can't resolve.

    for example, i am trying to run a graphedit app and it keeps going into the taskbar. when i select the icon and click Restore, it maximizes the window and won't let me restore it to a normal window rect to change size or move around the screen, it keeps sending it back into the taskbar. very frustrating.

    how do i resolve ?
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    I can only but guess that your registry entries are corrupt. Windows should return to the last state - window size and position.

    Can you uninstall the program AND manually delete all registry entries and then reinstall ?
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  3. - solved -

    no.. i can't reinstall because the app in question (graphedit) is not an installable app. however, there are other apps that behave in the same way and can be restored using an old win98 trick i used to use....when the app is locked in the taskbar: right-click the icon, select Move, and when the mouse turns to a Cross, hold the shift key and drag the mouse. it will show the caption bar of the app, then release where you can uncheck the Normal Size box. then you can restretch it to a respectable window size. then i close down the app and relaunch it. but some apps do not respond to this trick, like graphedit and a very rare capture app i no longer use for dv captures.

    so i did a little googling around and came across this, after reading it, (and it sort of explains how an app can become locked like in my case) i found the solution and tested it. success!
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