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    Several months ago, I had my laptop crash & burn (well, smoking at least). I had backed up all of my SD video files to an external firewire drive. The impossible happened in that the hard drive also crashed. Sent it off for data recovery and 99.9% has been restored. However, under each individual "File Property" the Dates for 'created', 'modified' and 'accessed' all reflect the same date - the date the info was restored. Is there any way to read the actual 'recorded' date? This is concerning several hundred files. There are so many 'tools' here that I don't know where to begin. Thanks for any help you can offer.
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  2. I've had it happen. My backup drive died while I was actually in the process of reformatting the PC's hard drive years ago. Computers....

    Try MediaInfo, but I'm not sure the encoded date would be something generally saved with an AVI file, if it can be.

    PS Download the portable version and unzip it somewhere and run it, rather than download the installer. You shouldn't be infected with additional adware that way.
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