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    sort of maybe? it's a quad core cpu with attached 8 core gpu. no mention of what the wattage it requires is. 500 watts?
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    Officially 45 / 65 watts.

    Performance appears to be just below a Core I3.
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  3. I believe the 7850K is a 95 watt TDP chip. And the 7600 a 65 watt chip. They're doing the only thing they can -- accentuating the GPU since that's the only place they have a lead over Intel. The GPU, strong relative to Intel integrated GPUs, but weak relative to a graphics card, will get them some casual gamers. But more serious games will still go for an add-in graphics card. HPC app users too.
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    what AMD marketing is referring to in a tangential way to hUMA and all the other architectural changes that blur the line between where the cpu cores end and the gpu cores begin.

    in theory, if one where a skilled enough programmer, one could write apps that made use of all the execution cores but of course the same holds true for intel iGPU's.

    what i'm more interested in is AMD's move to start offering ARM based Opterons:

    between that and nvidia's upcoming new SoC powered video cards that feature dual core "Denver" ARMv8 cores (each core is an insane 7 way superscaler architecture) as integrated with the gpu part of me wonders if the day will come when x86 will go the way of the dodo.

    and yes, i know it sounds crazy, but you never know what will happen in the computer world.
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