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    Hi all, by default if i use avs script to encode x264 video
    then it will use my computer x264 decoder (like ffdshow, lav...), so is there anyway to select x264 video decoder in avs script, exam if i want to use ffdshow x264 decoder or lav video decoder then script will be
    DirectShowSource("video", decoder=ffdshow)... blah blah
    Thank you very much
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    It's not possible to adjust from the avs script , unless you do it with a .grf (graphedit or graphstudio file) . Otherwise, it has to be done on the system

    To do it with a .grf , you have to construct the graph with the desired decoder and filter chain in graphstudio/graphedit, leaving the output renderer disconnected, then save it e.g. "video.grf"

    Then use:

    DirectShowSource("video.grf", audio=false)
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