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  1. Newbie here with a question. Back in Sept I started downloading Hulu vids to watch later (I have no time during the summer & everything kept expiring) From Sep through the 3rd week in Nov I was downloading in 1280x720. Starting with the 4th week the max I could get was 512x288 or 640x360. The week after, and ever since, the max I've been able to get is 720x400.

    I've been using AVGO primarily and GetFLV.

    Is this a widespread thing? Is anybody still pulling 1280x720 from Hulu? If so what are you using?

    Thanks in advance!
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    AFAIK, Hulu on your computer is SD (standard resolution) only.

    If you stream HuluPlus from something like a Roku box (as I do), you can get 720p.
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    The op did state that he could d/l in 720p on his computer and that it was getting lower resolutions after awhile,you might want to see if your internet speed is slowing down,do an internet speed test.
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    It can vary with any particular content on Hulu - and HD usually requires HuluPlus - but generally speaking, any HD content that is available on HuluPlus via the web interface is available not only in the 1280x720 resolution but also in four bit-rates (1500K, 2000K, 2500K, and 3200K) of the 1280x720 resolution. The 3200K bit-rate, as you may have guessed, sends more data (larger file size) and looks quite a bit better on larger screens. A 42 minute episode at 1280x720 3200K is usually between 900MB and 1.1 GB in data (file size).

    I haven't seen any change in the provision of the 1280x720 resolution or any of the corresponding bit-rates. I can't tell you anything about getflv's ability to detect any of this, because I don't know - likewise for AVGO.
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  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    I don't think it is a speed issue, though I suppose my isp may have taken notice of my huge data increase and tweaked something.

    It looks like I should spend some time learning about the other tools avail that I see mentioned here frequently. Let the learning begin!
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