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  1. Hi everyone ^__^

    I'd like from the professional of "StaxRip" encoding to teach me how can i make colors more press in a movie ?

    Please, Please, i need your help.. if you know how to use it don't skimp on me.
    Contact me on my skype

    With my love to you all ^^

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  2. aBigMeanie aedipuss's Avatar
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    ??? i don't get it at all. what are you after? is english not your first language?

    make colors in a movie sink
    doesn't make any sense.
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  3. Originally Posted by aedipuss View Post
    is english not your first language?
    Or his/her second, I don't think. Looks like a Google translation to me. Utter gibberish.

    And yaston, lose that big font and creative line placement. The defaults here are fine. Maybe post a sample of the video with which you're having trouble and try and explain the problem more clearly. Maybe get a friend to help with the English.
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  4. yeah you're right my english is bad !! but what i wanted to say is " how can i press in the colors"

    pllz contact me to exxplain more !!
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  5. Broadcaster bigass's Avatar
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    Are you asking how to desaturate the colors -- make it more like black and white, less colorful and vibrant?
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  6. yeah dude that's it ^^
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  7. Mod Neophyte Super Moderator redwudz's Avatar
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    You want the colors weaker? Are you capturing the video? Color adjustments are usually done with the video card settings.

    If you are converting DVDs, then color adjustments are usually made with a video editor.

    If you're not using Google translate for language, you might try it. It works well with most language conversions.
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  8. i didn't use it !!

    but plllllllz i need live practice .. can anyone contact me on skype?
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  9. Broadcaster bigass's Avatar
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    I've never used the software you're talking about, but the word you're looking for in the options will be "Saturation" ... if there's a slider to adjust, turn it DOWN for less color and UP for more color. Saturation. That's it.
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  10. Hi everyone

    I'd like from anyone here professional in "StaxRip" to teach me how can i use the best filters.

    For God's sake contact me on Skype and get into my PC by usingTeamViewer application.

    Skype: yacine2744

    I love you all ^_^


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  11. Member
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    This may be a case of language misunderstanding but I don't think many actual professionals use staxrip.
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  12. do you use it ?
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