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    Hi to all, I have not done any video editing for some time and my latest is my first full HD effort. I am wondering how I should present it. I use Sony Movie Studio and have previously burnt DVD's with menus etc. I am thinking of going the Blu ray way, but none of the people I intend this piece for have Blu ray players, however all have big screens with USB slots. Is there a way to author to a USB drive, with menus, that will play directly on the TV rather than have to use a media drive?
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    Yes, many TV's can play various files directly from a USB drive. Since you know the people have "big screens with USB slots", then perhaps investigate what files those TV's can play in that manner. Choose a format that all makes and models in that group can recognize and then proceed. You might be discouraged to find that there are too many variables in the set of people, however, for one universal solution.
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    Most TVs (but not all) with built-in media players for video play .mpg files and .mp4 files.

    There is no way to add menus. A TV's built in media player is very basic. It would not know what to do with a Blu-Ray or DVD file structure and is unlikely to be able to use menus in .DIVX files or any other type of media file that has menu support.
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  4. The TV will give a basic "file list" menu. Nobody wants to see stupid animated menus anyway. Maybe the first time you see one it's cool. But after that it's just a waste of time.
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