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    I use a program called 'Eventghost'. I always save my configuration in this program and the exported format is .XML. I formatted my HDD but forgot to backup my configuration file. I used the deep scan in the free edition of Recuva and was able to find my .xml file. However, the file seems corrupt or broken or something because 'Eventghost' won t open it. I included the file in this post. On the Evenghost forum they say that the file is not a .XML file and that it is gobbledegook but I am 100% sure this is the correct file. Can the 'corrupted' / 'broken' .XML file be fixed in some way?

    Here is the link to the topic I posted on the official Eventghost community:
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    They are correct. It does not contain any xml data at all. A xml file contains plain text and not binary data as your file.
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