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  1. Hi all,

    I've got a bit of an odd problem. I'm trying to play an .avi file on my dvd player using a usb stick.

    Now, the file plays fine but the problem lies with playing the file with subtitles.

    I've used Freemake video converter to add hardcoded subs using an .srt file. The new file encodes fine and plays fine on my laptop with the subtitles hardcoded and reproduced fine (using Potplayer to watch it). However, when using the usb stick to play the file via DVD, it won't play.

    Again, the .avi file with no subs plays fine from the stick, just the .avi with hardcoded subs that won't play.

    Is there any specific reason why I might be having trouble with this?

    I'm using an oooollllld Sony CRT TV and a cheapy little XSQUO DVD player.

    I'm just a bit confused as to why the .avi with no subs would be fine but the .avi with subs wouldn't be. Probably something incredibly simple that I'm not aware of but hey ho!


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    Sounds as if the file has been re-encoded since you hard-coded the subs. Avi support in DVD players,
    usually amounts to DivX/Xvid with 720/480 (NTSC) or 720/576 (PAL) maximum resolutions. There may be other
    encoding options that could be a factor.

    A place to start would be to open both files in mediainfo (text mode)and compare the attributes of the failing file
    Vs. the files that play OK.
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    Your re-encode likely included some option on this list and it's causing problems for your player.!
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    Be sure to choose correct preset after you clicked to avi. Select TV quality(xvid,mp3).

    Or use avirecomp to hardcode subtitles.
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  5. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try those and let you know what I was doing wrong!
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  6. So, it was definitely something done in the re-encoding as suggested. Downloaded AVI Recomp as recommended and that has done the job perfectly!

    Thanks very much for the help and suggestions, they are much appreciated.

    In doing this, I've downloaded Freemake, AVI Recomp and Mediainfo - it never ceases to amaze me that there are these kinds of fantastic, easy to use tools out there for free. Coupled with the great advice from places like this - well, us bodgers are truly spoilt!

    Thanks again,

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