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  1. I have the Sony Movie Studio Platinum version 12 and it doesn't recognize my device when trying to capture vid from this HDV-cam. Directions say to use the iLink cable which is firewire but my laptop (HP Pavillion w/ Windows 7) doesn't support firewire. Any advice besides buying a desktop??

    Any thoughts appreciated.
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    If you've got a PCMCIA or Cardbus slot, get a Firewire adapter.
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    the laptop hdmi port is out only. you can't capture with it. there are HD capture devices you can purchase that will use the cam hdmi out. not cheap, an old desktop with firewire might be less expensive.
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  4. Thanks for the responses.

    I just realized that even my A to D converter for Hi-8 is firewire out only. Now I can't capture from either my Hi-8 cam or my mini DV camcorder with my PC. What a bummer and a wasted expense on the Sony software. Should have looked a little closer before purchase but I just assumed it would not be an issue. Ouch! At least I can mess with video content I've previously captured sitting on external drives. Still a bummer.
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