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  1. as was discussed in another thread, i seem to be having a problem when capturing blu-ray content when connected to the Philips bluray player, model BDP2105/F7. it will not capture in NTSC_M mode.

    i am considering getting another brand/model blu-ray player today in order to test theories.

    here is the graphstudionext graph that i am using to capture video through the roxio. this graph allows me to capture and preview at the same time. the issue is seen when i go the "roxio gamecap hd pro" filter and select its properties, the settings for Video Standard is showing PAL_B. however, it should be set to NTSC_M, but will not set to it. or, when the philips player is initially turned on and is in the NTSC_M setting (no br disc) and i pop in a bluray disc, it will change to PAL_B and stay that way indifinately until i turn off the unit for a few minutes and the symtom repeats over and over again in this way. this is only happening through the hdmi connections. capturing through composite is fine.

    to summarize:
    1. when standard dvd disc inserted, the roxio will capture in NTSC_M mode
    2. when i first turn on the philips player, the roxio will capture in NTSC_M mode
    3. when blu-ray disc is inserted, the roxio will only capture in PAL_B mode. it will not keep the change to ntsc_m mode.
    4. when blu-ray disc is ejected, and philips player is turned off for a few minutes, and turned back on, the NTSC_M
    mode is the default, and roxio captures in that mode. but when a blu-ray disc is inserted again, it changes back to
    the PAL_B mode.

    * image 1
    * tipicle graph for roxio

    * image 2
    * this is the default setting when i first turn on the philips unit. the roxio will show ntsc_m, and
    even capture at it, at 29.970 fps

    * image 3
    * however, when i pop in a blur-ray disc, it will change to pal_b and roxio will only capture in pal_b
    at 25 fps indefinately until i turn off the philips unit for a few minute without the blur-ray disc inside
    and repeats the image above this one all over again. graphstudio / graphstudionext will not keep
    the change i make to NTSC_M. it keeps flipping back to PAL_B.

    the attachment refers to the image 2 (summary 2) above.
    Image Attached Files

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    Are you sure the Blu-Ray player's output is at 29.970 fps and not something else?

    [Edit]Your capture device is made for capturing video game play from game consoles, not movies. My best guess is the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro doesn't support 1080p24 or 1080p23.976 capture but does support 1080p25 capture so it automatically picks the closest capture setting it supports.
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  3. the roxio, and many other capture devices are all basically the same chip. they are capture chips that firms (or manuf) know how to slab these chips into templated electronics together (they all have similar design layouts) into an enclosure and brand it a new name...roxio, hauppauge, avermedia, elgato, pinnacle, to name a few. everyone does it and does the same thing.

    because i am able to capture standard dvd media that the philips upsamples to 1080i/29.970/NTSC_M and the roxio captures that correctly, and unless there is no 1080i through hdmi on buray media on bluray players, i don't buy that 1080p25 comment. in my searching around for answers, did not read any info that all game systems put out a 1080p25 standard-only mode, especially when i live in an NTSC region. so there is something else going on, but i need to try other things.

    right now, all i can think of, as a test scenario, is get another non-philips blur-ray player and try that. i don't know of any cheap hardware device that will put out specifically 1080p/24 that i can pick up somewhere (bestbuy, walmart) that i can run tests with. but i'm open to suggestions.

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    Even if the chips used in every one of these devices are the same, and I have some doubts about that being true, the drivers are not all the same. I know for certain that the drivers for the elgato Game Capture HD are different and not very useful for building a capture graph in graphedit or graphstudio.

    The Roxio Game Capture HD Pro is sold in PAL countries, probably with the same hardware and drivers as the N. American version.
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  5. well, i believe to have found the cause. it is the philips blu-ray player. sure would love to know what the mystery is with this player.

    anyway, i picked up the samsung blu-ray player, model bd-f5900/za, today. hooked it up to the roxio and it captured 1080/60i in ntsc_m mode. even when i tried to force pal_b in graphstudio, it would not accept that setting and would bump it back to ntsc_m. it was doing the exact opposite of what the philips was doing. so the samsung player seems to be lacking the region setting that the philips has. the philips has ntsc/pal/multi settings.

    i think i liked the philips -> roxio captures better though i didn't analize the two captures, philips vs samsung. curious how the model numbers are similar. probably the same chip, but different gui's.

    i used the following to snip out a section losslessly, and then renamed it in the attached file.

    edit: just realized the typo. should have been samsung. sorry about that. i can't rename my attatchments, so i learned.

    ffmpeg -ss 00:11:46.100 -i "h:\roxio_samsung_video.ts" -vcodec copy -acodec copy -t 00:00:15 -y "h:\video.ts"
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