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  1. Hello to all! I have a Vizio E370VL flatscreen tv hooked to a metrocast hd box. When I go to turn my tv on and hit hdmi 1 the tv comes on and says retrieving data then it says not support. It then takes five minutes for the picture to come on but it flashes for a few minutes and then settles down and plays normally. Is there a simple solution to this?
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    I would first try a different HDMI cable. HDMI does a 'handshaking' to ensure that the units on both ends of the cable are HDCP compliant. That is sometimes slow. This is for digital copy protection. Thank Hollywood for this.
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    As it does work (eventually), I'd say the cable is OK. Most likely a fault (or glitch) with the cable box or TV.

    Should be easy enough to get the box swapped out.
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